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indigo_inferno in fair_sabrina

Newbie alert.

Hello everybody,

I can't say how delighted I am to find this community, how awesome is this. I have probably seen this movie about 300 times or something and I am certainly not tired of it yet. It's kept me company for so long now. xD

It's going to be so exciting to chat to other fans. And I also wanna make icons and stuff so I am on the look out for caps and images now. If anyone is prepared to share that would be even cooler.

I have to say though, I only ever saw the 1995 version and never the older one, I guess I will have to fix that eventually. Might be somewhat strange and although I love black & white photography, I haven't seen all that many black & white movies in my life. But hey, I am certainly willing to give it a try for this story. <3

Anyway. I know this movie means a lot to me. I don't know why, but I just seem to harmonize with it or something.

What does it mean to you guys? What do you love most about it? Anything you don't like? Does it remind you of a particular time in your lives? 

Oh I know I am awfully curious, but just this once. xD


I am not sure where you are from or where you shop, but I picked up the original on DVD at Walmart inside their 5 dollar bin. I had seen it originally on TCM about two years ago though.

I personally love Linus Larrabee in both versions--and I love black and white movies as well. Not that all of this matters, haha, I just wanted to mention it.

Sabrina means...a lot to me. I never thought about what I loved the most, but probably the fact that the one Sabrina thought she loved all along ended up being someone entirely different.

I think it does remind me of parts of my life. In the last seven years my father has become a driver for shuttles that take people to JFK airport, my taste in men changed when I hit 20 years old (I'm 23 now) compared to what I found extremely attractive as a teenager, and...my name is Sabrina. Lmao. So this movie always speaks to me--and I am such a huge Harrison Ford fan, so it doesn't hurt that he plays Linus in the remake. :)

How about yourself? What does this movie mean to you? I know you say 'a lot' , so explain a little. :)